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  • The little boy puts a leash on his dog, and… what happens next? (The boy walks his dog.) Your kids will enjoy learning how to predict outcomes with this colourful 28-pair, picture card deck. (56 total playing cards!).

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  • This car is a lemon. Does this mean… (a) This car is yellow, (b) This car often breaks down, or (c) This car is a rental?

    Using this 56-card deck, students practice their knowledge of figurative language by choosing a sentence that means the same as the simile or metaphor.


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  • Roll like a log, stand like a flamingo, and do a long jump. This Fun Deck provides you with 59 ways to improve children’s strength, balance, coordination, and motor planning.

    Fun and colourful characters lead children through a variety of movement activities and skills. Game ideas included. Includes 60 (3″ x 5″) activity cards in a sturdy storage tin.


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  • Plurals Fun Deck

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    The Plurals Fun Deck is a colourful, fun-filled way to teach singular-plural relationships. It contains 56 whimsical cards your students will love.

    Each Plurals Fun Deck includes 28 pairs of plural picture-cards (21 regular and 7 irregular plurals), a content list, and instructions for fun activities. Cards measure 2 ½” x 3 ½” and are stored in a sturdy storage tin.


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  • Teach and reinforce the upper-body, fine-motor, and perceptual skills needed for handwriting and other daily activities with our Pre-Handwriting Fun Deck. This full-colour, double-sided, 56-card set features fun exercises and child-friendly pictures. It also includes a set of dry-erase markers for completing handwriting activities on the cards.
    The card fronts (4″ x 7″) display hand exercise illustrations and directions. The card backs have pre-handwriting activities for reinforcing visual-motor and perceptual skills. Wipe-off marker activities include tracing and drawing lines and shapes, completing a picture, finding hidden items, and more.

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  • Improve your students’ auditory processing at two skill levels, beginner and advanced, with this 60-page reproducible. Lesson sheets target twenty areas of listening development.
    • Auditory Association – WH- questions, Auditory Closure, Parts to Whole, If-Then, What’s Wrong with the Sentence?, Listening for Main Idea, Similarities & Differences.
    • Auditory Discrimination – Rhyming, Syllable Awareness, Identification/Discrimination of Initial Sounds in Words, Identification & Discrimination of Final Sounds in Words, Sound Blending.
    • Auditory Memory – Memory for Words, Memory for Short Sentences, Memory for Long Sentences, Memory for Poems, Listening for Details.
    • Auditory Reception – Yes/No Questions, Which Is, True/False.
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  • Say & Glue Phonological Awareness Fun Sheets is a reproducible, 124-page book to help students work on several areas of phonological awareness: rhyming with nonsense words, rhyming sentences, completing rhyming words in sentences, determining which rhyming word belongs, blending words, segmentation, syllable counting, identification of letter sounds, syllable/phoneme deletion, syllable/phoneme addition, and manipulation of phonemes. Each section contains a minimum of seven activities.

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  • Fine Motor Fun Deck

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    Fine Motor Fun Deck has 52 double-sided cards and four connector cards (and, or, before, and after) with exercises and writing tasks that challenge overall hand use and coordination skills.


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  • Homophones in Sentences Super Fun Deck has 125 cards with two levels of activities to help children learn to distinguish between 85 homophones—words that sound the same but have different meanings and spellings (your/you’re).
    This deck has two levels. Use the Level One cards to teach homophones. One side of the card has the word, definition, a sentence using the word, and an illustration. The other side of the card shows only the word and can be used as a flash card.

    Use the Level Two cards to practice and test what your students have learned. Each card front has fill-in-the-blank sentences—two for each homophone—with answer choices. The back of the card lists the homophones for open-ended practice.

    Includes content cards, game ideas, and answer key. Cards measure 3″ x 4″ and are stored in a sturdy storage tin.

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  • This hands-on, hopping good board game combines the fun of children helping their frogs “jump” from the “frog pond” (board) to their “lily pads” with development of early language and articulation skills.

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  • Inferencing Big Deck

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    To infer means to be able to look at clues in a situation and figure out what is happening. This Webber Inferencing BIG Deck has 100 large 5″ x 7″ photo cards each with six follow-up questions to help children improve their inferencing skills.

    The colour-coded topic areas include:

    • Associations (These items belong to…)
    • Identify the Setting (Where is this?)
    • Part to Whole (What is it?)
    • Predicting (What happens next?)
    • What Happened?

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  • Logic is the ability to think through problems and use strategies to solve them. These skills are important for early learning and literacy development. Inferencing Skill Strips contains 120 double-sided cards (240 items) that address four skill areas across three levels of difficulty.
    • Determine Cause and Effect
    • Identify items with particular Attributes
    • Use Venn Diagrams to Compare and Contrast
    • Use time order words in Sequencing Events

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