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  • Eye N Seek

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    Flip a card and then spin the wheel to find its matching icon in the windows.
    Make sure to pay attention and search quickly- it’s a race! Spot the match before your opponents to win the round and a point. 6 double-sided wheels, 100 icon cards, 3 levels, and 6 rules to play create challenging searching fun for all ages.

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  • This addition matching game focuses on building Addition skills, teaching beginners the early fundamentals of math, while building and enhancing skills for more advanced students. There is always a match between any two cards. Find the pair between an equation and its sum, two equations or two sums.


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  • Encourage your little geniuses to further develop their reading skills through learning compound words! Half the cards feature compound words and the other half contains either single images corresponding to those words, or image equations that add up to the compound words. Little learners will quickly learn the words and their meanings without even realizing – thanks to all the fun they’ll be having racing to find matches!

    There is always one — and only one — match between any two cards. Pick a cooperative rule or race to find the match. There are endless ways to learn… while having fun.

    • Ages 6 & Up • 1 – 6 Players


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