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  • The fun and highly effective game that helps kids master phonics and improves reading. They won’t even know they’re learning!

    • Three decks featuring over 200 cards, covering 40 sound/letter correspondences. Easy to play with two players or more!
    • Three different levels in the same box
    • Developed with teachers and phonics experts
    • Ages 4+
  • If your children love building blocks then they are sure to enjoy this hands on, colour coded activity. Why not use it to make spelling more fun!

  • Alphabet Stamps

    0 out of 5

    A great hands-on way to teach the lowercase letters.

    Includes 26 lowercase a-z stamps and 8 punctuation stamps.

    2.5cm x 2.5cm each. 3yrs+.

  • First Writing

    0 out of 5

    Turning education into a fun activity can really help children to master basic literacy and numeracy much more quickly, be it at home or in the classroom. This new magnetic first writing set has been designed to do just that, to make learning an interactive experience and a bit of fun too.

    The read and write letters and words pack is perfect for children in the Early Years/Foundation stage of the curriculum, those who are just starting out on their educational journey. Matching letters with pictures, and learning the alphabet are made much easier when correcting any mistakes can be done instantly and in a way that encourages children to try again as many times as it takes.

  • Oi! Magnetic Phonics

    0 out of 5

    Oi! Magnetic Phonics – the perfect companion to the extremely popular Oi Books series by Kes Gray & Jim Field.

    Match grapheme (phonic piece) with pictures and/or words.
    Place a grapheme on the board and write other words which include the same phonic sound.
    Place picture pieces on the board and write the matching words. Find the correct word pieces and check the spelling.

    Place 5 word pieces on the board and write down the words or sentences including those words.
    Use word pieces for segmenting and blending.

    Suitable for 3 – 6 years old.

  • Phonics Cubes can be used to support a range of literacy activities in the classroom and at home.

    Set of 18 cubes: 6 x lowercase alphabet cubes; 6 x blends cubes; 6 x word family cubes.

  • Designed in conjunction with an educational expert to make learning the phonic sounds fun and engaging for the child. Not just a collection of words, but an all-round resource with fun pictures to match to the words and a dry wipe board to write more words and sentences. Use the board and pen to compose other words with the phonic pieces.

  • There are approximately 44 sounds in English, with a slight variation in numbers based on accent. The sound cue cards provided are appropriate for speech sound cues to use in therapy for Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and other speech sound delays/disorders. The sound cards are also appropriate for literacy instruction in schools, or in the 1:1 setting. The cards are particularly useful for sounds first phonics instruction which takes the focus off letters and their names, and instead focuses on sounds and their corresponding graphemes (single letter or a group of letters which represent one of the 44 sounds).

    Each phoneme is represented by a well thought out illustration which relates to the sound and has word level examples. For example, the image for /k/ has a picture of a kiwi, and a camera, the /k/ sound is presented in these words, but can also be likened to the noise of a clicking camera. The International Phonetic Alphabet symbols are embedded in each image for reference. These symbols are subtle and are not intended as prompts for children, but rather a reference symbol for educators.

    Small cards can be printed double sided (9cm), with the information on the sound cue and spelling examples on the back of each card. There is also the option of printing out the images at a larger size (18cm) which is ideal for sound based word walls in the classroom setting.

    This pack contains:

    • 44 clear images to represent the 44 sounds of English, with explanations of the images and examples of spellings for each sound
    • Printing options for small (9cm) double sided cards and larger images (18cm) for sound based word walls
    • Print with or without spelling and spelling descriptions (e.g. long a) on the front of the cards.

    Pages: 63

    Format: Two PDF files

    Within 1-3 days of the order being placed you will receive the PDF link via email.

  • Exclusive

    Smart Sand Bundle

    0 out of 5

    Reinforce learning with multi-sensory Smart Sand.

    Put away the paper and pencils and pull out some sand! Writing in sand is a fun, multi-sensory activity everyone will enjoy. The two-toned sand is dual-textured, allowing the thicker black sand to reveal the finer coloured sand underneath.

    Bundle includes:

    1 x Red Smart Sand

    1 x Green Smart Sand

    1 x Tactile Tray

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