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  • First Math

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    Learning to count and add/subtract is one of the first things children will do when they enter school years, and is a key component of Early Years/Foundation stage education. This First Maths set has been designed to support this stage by helping children to learn in a way which makes it as much fun as it is educational.

    This set includes magnetic picture pieces, a sums board, numbers and a counting board so that there are various visual aids to support and stimulate. Children can count pictures of familiar items like bananas or cars, which, by using fun illustrations, make it a more playful exercise than using numbers alone, and the inclusion of a dry-wipe pen to copy numbers helps make this an activity that can be repeated over and over again.

  • First Writing

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    Turning education into a fun activity can really help children to master basic literacy and numeracy much more quickly, be it at home or in the classroom. This new magnetic first writing set has been designed to do just that, to make learning an interactive experience and a bit of fun too.

    The read and write letters and words pack is perfect for children in the Early Years/Foundation stage of the curriculum, those who are just starting out on their educational journey. Matching letters with pictures, and learning the alphabet are made much easier when correcting any mistakes can be done instantly and in a way that encourages children to try again as many times as it takes.

  • Magnetic Times Tables is part of a new range of educational toys which has been designed to encourage children to stay tuned in even when the nature of the game is to learn! In support of a child’s early years development, the magnetic times tables pack is colourful, pictoral and educational, designed to help teach children the fundamentals of words and numbers without them even realising it. The magnetic board features questions on one side and the answers on the reverse making it easy for children to check if they have got the answers right, and the wipe-clean board makes it easy to rub out any mistakes and start again without lots of messy crossings out.

    The Times Tables pack includes a magnetic, wipe-clean board, pen, and activities to help guide children along and encourage their development in basic numeracy.

  • Oi! Magnetic Phonics

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    Oi! Magnetic Phonics – the perfect companion to the extremely popular Oi Books series by Kes Gray & Jim Field.

    Match grapheme (phonic piece) with pictures and/or words.
    Place a grapheme on the board and write other words which include the same phonic sound.
    Place picture pieces on the board and write the matching words. Find the correct word pieces and check the spelling.

    Place 5 word pieces on the board and write down the words or sentences including those words.
    Use word pieces for segmenting and blending.

    Suitable for 3 – 6 years old.

  • Designed in conjunction with an educational expert to make learning the phonic sounds fun and engaging for the child. Not just a collection of words, but an all-round resource with fun pictures to match to the words and a dry wipe board to write more words and sentences. Use the board and pen to compose other words with the phonic pieces.

  • The Maths Game

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    The Maths Game – FUN practice on the go!

    Goal: collect the greatest number of smileys.

    How to Play: Each player throws a die, the one with the highest number begins. The first player rolls the dice to create a two-digit number. For example, if a 3 and a 1 is rolled the number to be played is either 31 or 13. Using the magnet in the bank, the player needs to formulate a maths equation that the result equals the selected 2 digit number. If correct the player gets a smiley face. As the game progresses the games becomes more challenging – if the formula cannot be made the game ends.


  • Whiteboards – Pk4

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    Dry-wipe whiteboards with plastic frames in four colours with surfaces suitable for magnetic resources, ideal for a range of uses.

  • These 100 Colorful transparent discs have a thin, ferrous metal rim that attracts to magnets. Perfect for teaching colours and counting, plotting graph points on an overhead projector, playing bingo, and exploring properties of magnetism. Brightly coloured and transparent, they are great for counting and grouping exercises, and especially for bingo game card markers. Use a magnetic wand (sold separately) for easy clean-up.
    Ages 6 and up. Measures 3/4 inch diameter.
    Packaged with a cardboard backing.
    Magnetic wand not included.
  • Magnetic Wand – Set of 4.

    Colours randomly selected and may vary.

    Use with Magnetic Steel Ringed Chips (sold separately).

  • This wand and chip set allows little learners to discover magnetism. Colorful chips are also great for counting, sorting, patterning and colour recognition. Colours include red, yellow, orange, pink, blue and violet.
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