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  • Blink is the lightning-fast game where two players race to be the first to play all of their cards. Using sharp eyes and fast hands, players quickly try to match the shape, count or colour on the cards.

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  • I SPY “Go Fish”

    0 out of 5

    I Spy Go Fish – Do you have a monkey? A dinosaur, too? I Spy a Go Fish card game just for you! The object of the game is create matches.

    Players are dealt cards and ask the other players if they have a particular card. If you make a match you keep both cards. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.


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  • I SPY Preschool Game

    0 out of 5

    Classic I Spy fun for preschoolers and younger primary students.

    Players match riddles with pictures. Promotes matching, reading and social skills. Interlocking pairs ensure only the correct matches are possible. Riddles and photographs from the popular I Spy Book series.


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  • Eye N Seek

    0 out of 5
    Flip a card and then spin the wheel to find its matching icon in the windows.
    Make sure to pay attention and search quickly- it’s a race! Spot the match before your opponents to win the round and a point. 6 double-sided wheels, 100 icon cards, 3 levels, and 6 rules to play create challenging searching fun for all ages.

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  • Spot It! Card Game

    0 out of 5

    Spot It is a fun and fast paced game where the aim of the game is to spot the matching pairs between cards.

    It may sound super simple, but that’s what makes it so enjoyable for families to play together. People of all ages can play it and enjoy it.

    An excellent game for improving visual processing skills and rapid automated naming.





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  • Your favourite I Spy Memory Game in a take-along, travel-size version. All new cards for new memory and matching fun! Made your matches? Now solve the 5 new riddles.

    The game uses the classic I Spy photography of Walter Wick as the basis for two styles of play. Younger children can simply match the images on two different cards while older players can find the images that correspond to various riddles.


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  • Pickles to Penguins

    0 out of 5
    This frantic game has no taking of turns – just an all-out, go at it, get rid of your cards as fast as you can game!!
    Pickles to Penguins is not a polite game! It is a quick-thinking picture-linking game made for competitive people.
    Get rid of your cards the quickest by figuring out what your cards and the cards in play have in common. Do they share a colour? Are they both things you find in a salad or bring to a party?

    Exercise your lateral thinking abilities, but don’t be too hasty or you may have to pick up penalty cards for stretching a connection too far. Take a deep breath and let the chaos begin! Hundreds of pictures, but how many can you link together!

    This is the Mid Size edition.

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