A range of evidence based resources to support structured literacy. These resources are suitable for teachers and parents.

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  • The fun and highly effective game that helps kids master phonics and improves reading. They won’t even know they’re learning!

    • Three decks featuring over 200 cards, covering 40 sound/letter correspondences. Easy to play with two players or more!
    • Three different levels in the same box
    • Developed with teachers and phonics experts
    • Ages 4+
  • Slant Board

    0 out of 5

    This slant board collapses to a thickness of just 3/4″ AND is very, very light! Great for travelling (from home to school, class to class, etc.) and can easily be stacked and stored in a classroom.

  • Oi! Magnetic Phonics

    0 out of 5

    Oi! Magnetic Phonics – the perfect companion to the extremely popular Oi Books series by Kes Gray & Jim Field.

    Match grapheme (phonic piece) with pictures and/or words.
    Place a grapheme on the board and write other words which include the same phonic sound.
    Place picture pieces on the board and write the matching words. Find the correct word pieces and check the spelling.

    Place 5 word pieces on the board and write down the words or sentences including those words.
    Use word pieces for segmenting and blending.

    Suitable for 3 – 6 years old.

  • Exclusive

    Boat Trip Card Deck

    0 out of 5

    Let’s sail on a boat to the bay to learn vowel teams the fun way!  Practice vowel teams (including ai, oa, ea, ee, oo and ou) by playing lively games of war, memory, SORT, Reel ‘em In, and more. Deck includes 104 word cards, specialty game cards, and blank cards for you to add your own words. Game instructions and vowel team explanation card also enclosed. These vibrant, adventure-themed cards will captivate imaginations and make learning fun!

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  • Exclusive

    Brain Freeze

    5.00 out of 5

    Just add water and watch as the crystals expand to create tactile fun for your students!

    Sprinkle one teaspoon of Brain Freeze crystals on a tray. Add approximately 350mls of water. The Brain Freeze turns to gel for ooey, gooey fun. Kids enjoy “writing” letters or words with their fingers. Multisensory reinforcement helps cement concepts into students’ brains.

    Each bag contains enough Brain Freeze for more than a dozen trays (Brain Freeze can be dried and reconstituted with water). Easy clean up — simply let Brain Freeze dry and store for future use. If gel spills, wait until it dries and vacuum crystals.



  • Exclusive

    Two decks, so many games!

    Practice both Latin and Greek patterns with this fun game combo! Each deck contains instructions for fast-paced and fun learning games!

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  • Exclusive

    Code Quest Card Deck

    0 out of 5

    Two decks, so many games! Play Go Fish, Crazy Eights, War and MORE! Card decks can be used separately to practice quick and automatic sound recognition or together to improve blending.

    Code Quest: Consonant Party Deck comes complete with two of each of the 28 consonant sounds (includes digraphs), instruction, explanation and wild cards. Cards also feature shapes and numbers so you can use our rules or make up your own to play your way to sound automaticity!

  • Exclusive

    Students will enjoy learning non-phonetic sight words (“red words”) with the Criminal Word Quicksand Kendore Kit. Criminal Word Quicksand comes with 36 sight words printed on double-sided cards. Choose the word you wish to reinforce, and the student will see, say, spell, and shape the word with red clay. Detailed instructions provided.

    Quicksand is a mixture of sand and polymer and will not dry out! The Criminal Word Quicksand Kit comes with a sturdy, 10 1/2″ x 14″ plastic tray, sealed in a heavy-duty zippered plastic bag. Take Criminal Word Quicksand on the go or stack it on a bookshelf.

  • Developed by William Van Cleave

    • printed on heavy card stock
    • usable with many multisensory approaches to language study
    • Orton-Gillingham based
    • basic set includes spelling deck and consonant and vowel decks for reading (144 cards)
    • advanced deck includes stable syllable and connective decks for reading and spelling (122 cards)
    • keywords match Everything You Want to Know and Where to Find It
  • Our pupils’ success will be defined by their ability to read fluently and skilfully. But despite universal acceptance of reading’s vital importance, the reading gap in our classroom remains, and it is linked to an array of factors, such as parental wealth, education and book ownership, as well as classroom practice. To close this gap, we need to ensure that every teacher has the knowledge and skill to teach reading with confidence.

    In Closing the Reading Gap, Alex Quigley explores the intriguing history and science of reading, synthesising the debates and presenting a wealth of usable evidence about how children develop most efficiently as successful readers. Offering practical strategies for teachers at every phase of their teaching career, as well as tackling issues such as dyslexia and the role of technology, the book helps teachers to be an expert in how pupils ‘learn to read’ as well as how they ‘read to learn’ and explores how reading is vital for unlocking a challenging academic curriculum for every student.

    With a focus on nurturing pupils’ will and skill to read for pleasure and purpose, this essential volume provides practical solutions to help all teachers create a rich reading culture that will enable every student to thrive in school and far beyond the school gates.

  • As teachers grapple with the challenge of a new, bigger and more challenging school curriculum, at every key stage and phase, success can feel beyond our reach. But what if there were 50,000 small solutions to help us bridge that gap?

    In Closing the Vocabulary Gap, the author explores the increased demands of an academic curriculum and how closing the vocabulary gap between our ‘word poor’ and ‘word rich’ students could prove the vital difference between school failure and success.

    This must-read book presents the case for teacher-led efforts to develop students’ vocabulary and provides practical solutions for teachers across the curriculum, incorporating easy-to-use tools, resources and classroom activities.

  • William Van Cleave

    This text serves as a teacher’s reference tool for instructing students using the Orton-Gillingham & other multisensory approaches. Easy to use format, essential teaching principles, expansive word lists covering basic and advanced concepts, index of commonly used resources, short history of the language and dozens of updated lists.

    Key features:

    • easy-to-use format
    • essential teaching principles
    • expansive word lists covering basic and advanced concepts
    • hints for teachers
    • index of commonly used resources
    • short history of the language
    • dozens of updated lists
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