A range of books and journals for children/teens that can be used as a tool for teachers/ parents to discuss emotions and mental well-being.

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  • Emotions Cubes

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    Written prompts encourage children to talk about their feelings, while familiar emoji faces help introduce social cues and skills.

    Includes 2 cubes with 12 emoji faces and 2 cubes with 12 prompts.

  • When we help young children label their emotions, it helps them to understand and manage what they are feeling and to improve their emotional literacy as they grow.

    This book is a simplified version from the best-selling book, How Do I Feel? A Dictionary of Emotions for Children. It helps to introduce our little wildlings to emotions and how they might look, using other toddlers so they can recognise themselves in the illustrations, which is very important.

    When big emotions come to visit, use the simple belly-breathing tool at the back to help your child find their way back to calm. This is a simple yet effective tool in helping children manage big emotions. Used regularly it can really help a child to learn to manage and regulate their own emotions over time.

  • Finding My Calm

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    Teaching children mindfulness through the senses at a young age can help them build confidence, learn to cope with stress and realise they can overcome challenging moments in their life. Using the fun ‘Five, Four, Three, Two, One’ rhyme is an easy way for children to remember to use their senses to find their way back to calm.

    From the authors of the best-selling range of books about emotions including: Aroha’s Way: A children’s guide through emotions, Let It Go: Emotions are energy in motion, Aroha Knows and How Do I Feel? A Dictionary of Emotions for Children. The Wildling Crew are sharing yet another way that you and your children can regulate your emotions together.

    Also, look in the book to find the ‘five things’ that the character could use. What could he see, feel, hear, smell and taste?

  • How Do I Feel?

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    With 60+ definitions to help improve emotional literacy. This HUGE hardcover book with over 140 pages, is all about our children learning to recognise and label emotions and feelings.

    Join Aroha and her friends as they share how different emotions might feel in the body and how each emotion might be helpful. This emotions dictionary is all about helping children find the words for how they truly feel. Learning to recognise and label our emotions correctly is such an important skill for life.

    Giving our children this language helps to build emotional literacy. It is a gift to give children the tools to know how to recognise what they truly feel and that is it okay to feel all emotions. When they know that no emotion is ‘good’ or ‘bad’ and that all emotions provide messages, then it takes away any attachment to that emotion being part of who they are.

    We may have experienced this ourselves being labelled ‘naughty’ or ‘out of control’ due to feeling angry a lot. However, this behaviour is just a way for a child to communicate. Diving deeper into why they are acting that way, why they may be feeling the things they are, can help us find some answers with our child. It can also help us find ways to help them empower themselves with tools to feel better.

    Use this book to start conversations about different emotions. If you can, give examples of things you have experienced. When you see a child experiencing an emotion, help your child label it. “Are you feeling … right now?”

  • A children’s book to help kids build resilience.

    Working with a team of experts in child development, neuroscience, play therapy and psychology, My Big Moments children’s picture book, That’s Not the Plan, is designed to help kids build resilience and overcome feelings of uncertainty, frustration, anxiety and fear.
    The creators behind My Big Moments weave practical language, ideas, activities and strategies throughout the books. Their purpose is to fully engage kids while they also gain valuable life skills.

  • Being Me Journal

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    A wellbeing journal designed especially for today’s kids…  containing 100 pages of activities, recipes, mantras, journal prompts as well as inspiring messages from well known New Zealanders including Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Eliza McCartney and Sir Peter Jackson.

    The journal encourages gratitude, mindfulness and kindness in a way that is fun and engaging for young minds.  It is aimed at children from school age through to tweens.


  • Little tools to learn about BIG emotions

    Emotional Warriors teach kids that all emotions are normal, and serve an important function for healthy emotional development. Have fun while learning!


    This game helps kids to:

    • Learn how to recognise emotions
    • Recognise what emotions feel like in the body
    • Understand the important functions emotions serve
    • Learn ways to manage BIG emotions

    Each emotion characteristic card has a challenge, question or prompt to promote discussion about those emotions during each game.

    Emotional Warriors products help teach kids (and adults) emotional literacy – the ability to understand, express and communicate one’s emotions – which leads to an overall improvement in their wellbeing and quality of life.

    18 emotions | 36 cards | 2 bonus resilience building tools + instruction sheet
    Games ideal for 2-3 players: Memory, Snap, Go Fish

  • What are you feeling?

    Kids feeling overwhelmed and can’t find the words to communicate?

    Let the Emotional Warriors help them to communicate their feelings fast with this easy to fill out tear-off notepad.

    A5 size pad with 50 tear off sheets

    Little tools to learn about big emotions

    Learning how to recognise your feelings and how they feel in your body is the theme of the Emotional Warriors products. This handy, easy to fill out notepad will make communicating that fast, and in turn teach children how to recognise and acknowledge those feelings, allowing them to pass by.

  • The perfect handbag or pocket journal to take anywhere!


    Research shows that by practicing gratitude daily you can not only increase your levels of happiness but also have a positive effect on your health and well-being.


    This soft-cover 100 page A6 mini gratitude journal is the little brother of our A5 journals and comes with happiness tips and inspirational quotes scattered throughout. Along with space to write what you are grateful for there is a happiness scale which you can colour in each day, so you can see over time just how happy you are.

    By starting your day with gratitude you are aligning yourself into a positive flow of energy. This positive flow will attract more positive energy into your life. By focusing on all that you should be grateful for, you are being mindful of looking for the good in every situation.

  • A Positive Affirmation Card Set by AwesoME Inc®

    Little tools to build a positive mindset + BONUS card stand.

    Challenge negative thought patterns, influence your mood and see the positive impact on your life.

    50 positive affirmations | 25 cards | 5 styles + instruction sheet and BONUS display stand.

  • Stay focused. Keep calm. Be positive.

    For ages 5-12, the Resilient ME® gratitude journal not only teaches kids how to get the most out of practicing gratitude, but also has heaps of fun activities to help them build resilience and boost happiness, focus on what is important, stay calm when facing challenges and build a positive attitude.

    Kids can learn to manage big emotions, create a growth mindset, focus on their strengths, create meaningful connections, and maintain healthy habits to live a happy life.

  • A Guide to Help Teens Stay Focused, Keep Calm and Be Positive.

    This journal not only teaches teens how to get the most out of practicing gratitude, but also has heaps of tools and techniques to help them build resilience and boost happiness, focus on what is important, stay calm when facing challenges and build a positive attitude.


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