Products in this range have been carefully selected to meet the needs of learners with speech and language delays, social communication difficulties or second language learners. The products include resources and games that will develop oral language, listening skills and communication.

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  • Students need lots of practice when learning to use irregular past tense verbs correctly.


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  • Webber Articulation Cards

    • 64 cards per deck (32 pairs) (3¼” x 4¼”)
    • Target sounds in initial position only
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  • Improve students’ listening skills as they recall facts from short sentences describing various fun-filled events. Auditory Memory for Details in Sentences Fun Deck helps students learn to identify and remember specific details.


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  • Auditory Processing Chipper Chat includes 12 colourful, laminated game board scenes (60 total boards). The 97-page activity book gives you the flexibility to engage students at various stages of auditory processing and includes reproducible game cards you can use for an alternative teaching approach.


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  • Are you supporting children with Early Language Development? These 25 informational and activity-based handouts will help you tell parents and caregivers at home how they can stimulate language development in their young ones. Copy the black and white handouts or print colour versions from the CD-ROM.

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  • I SPY “Go Fish”

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    I Spy Go Fish – Do you have a monkey? A dinosaur, too? I Spy a Go Fish card game just for you! The object of the game is create matches.

    Players are dealt cards and ask the other players if they have a particular card. If you make a match you keep both cards. The player with the most matches at the end of the game wins.


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  • I SPY Preschool Game

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    Classic I Spy fun for preschoolers and younger primary students.

    Players match riddles with pictures. Promotes matching, reading and social skills. Interlocking pairs ensure only the correct matches are possible. Riddles and photographs from the popular I Spy Book series.


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  • There are approximately 44 sounds in English, with a slight variation in numbers based on accent. The sound cue cards provided are appropriate for speech sound cues to use in therapy for Childhood Apraxia of Speech, and other speech sound delays/disorders. The sound cards are also appropriate for literacy instruction in schools, or in the 1:1 setting. The cards are particularly useful for sounds first phonics instruction which takes the focus off letters and their names, and instead focuses on sounds and their corresponding graphemes (single letter or a group of letters which represent one of the 44 sounds).

    Each phoneme is represented by a well thought out illustration which relates to the sound and has word level examples. For example, the image for /k/ has a picture of a kiwi, and a camera, the /k/ sound is presented in these words, but can also be likened to the noise of a clicking camera. The International Phonetic Alphabet symbols are embedded in each image for reference. These symbols are subtle and are not intended as prompts for children, but rather a reference symbol for educators.

    Small cards can be printed double sided (9cm), with the information on the sound cue and spelling examples on the back of each card. There is also the option of printing out the images at a larger size (18cm) which is ideal for sound based word walls in the classroom setting.

    This pack contains:

    • 44 clear images to represent the 44 sounds of English, with explanations of the images and examples of spellings for each sound
    • Printing options for small (9cm) double sided cards and larger images (18cm) for sound based word walls
    • Print with or without spelling and spelling descriptions (e.g. long a) on the front of the cards.

    Pages: 63

    Format: Two PDF files

    Within 1-3 days of the order being placed you will receive the PDF link via email.


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  • Adjectives Fun Deck

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    Looking for a “new” way to teach adjectives? Use the Adjectives Fun Deck to improve your students’ grammar and vocabulary skills. The deck contains 52 illustrated adjective-in-sentence cards.

    On cards 1-26, the adjective is before the noun (“new pants”). On cards 27-52, the adjective follows an is/are, or was/were verb. (The ladybugs were tiny.)


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  • Auditory Memory for Inferences Fun Deck has 56 cards to help students improve their auditory memory skills. Each oversized card (3″ x 5″) presents clues that the student must listen to (and use the pictures if needed) to infer what the reader is describing.
    • Cards #1-28 are inclusive (name items that belong to specific categories).
    • Cards #29-56 are exclusive (name items that do not belong to specific categories).

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  • Teach your students to identify and produce rhyming words with Auditory Rhyme Time Fun Deck. The cards outlined in red provide a sentence clue and photo (“Name something that tells time and rhymes with sock”). The corresponding cards outlined in purple show a photo of the answer (“clock”). Increase the level of difficulty by using the prompts on the red card to name other words that rhyme with the photo-word. This 56-card deck comes in a sturdy storage tin. Each card measures 2½” x 3½”.

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  • The little boy puts a leash on his dog, and… what happens next? (The boy walks his dog.) Your kids will enjoy learning how to predict outcomes with this colourful 28-pair, picture card deck. (56 total playing cards!).

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